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3-Year-Old Cassie by brother Nick

What people are saying

about Tim's visits

"I have heard...fabulous feedback from students and teachers alike about your visit.  Your energy and enthusiasm for writing show through and really impressed upon students...that writing is fun.  I was very impressed with your ability to transition so easily from kindergarten to eighth grade and still identify with each of these age groups...When a seventh grade student who...missed the assembly returned, her girlfriend called out, "Alexa, you missed the best assembly we've ever had...!'"

     --Michelle Giacotto, Sea Crest Elementary School, Half Moon Bay, CA

“...I wanted to particularly say how good it was you at work.  Your positive manner and straightforward acceptance of the

workshop participants and their efforts create an atmosphere where exchange and development of ideas are easily and enthusiastically


      --John Kallio, Co-Chairman, Pleasanton Poetry, Prose and ArtsFestival, Pleasanton CA

"Everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did.  The kids came away with so much and are so excited about writing..."

     --Patti Dessling, Sunnybrae Elementary School, San Mateo, CA

"You relate so well to children.  They are attracted to you instantly."

     --Jeanne Casella, Mary Silveira Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

"I wish you could hear the wonderful feedback from your...visit...more than one teacher has said yours was the best author visit ever.  I...enjoyed all your presentations, each one age-appropriate, warm and funny..."

     --Kathryn Cimarelli, librarian, Vallecito School, San Rafael, CA

"I was struck with how, after every session, the kids couldn't tear themselves away as they both wanted and needed to make a human connection with you.  That speaks volumes!"

     --PJ Charnofsky, librarian, Peninsula Heritage School, Greater LA

"I want to thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did...I have received nothing but compliments from teachers and students on how much they enjoyed your presentations and stories..."

     --Teresa Zarrin, parent coordinator, Saratoga Elementary School, CA

"A dynamic storyteller...The magical stories you tell enthrall our youngsters...It is...a joy to see the joy in the faces of the children as you weave the tales..."

     --Tom Glasgow, principal, Bailey Avenue Elementary School, Plattsburgh, NY

"His storytelling was fantastic and the classes and teachers so enjoyed the treat.  The fifth graders were particularly 'puffed up' by the experience..."

     --David Hall, principal, Crown Point Elementary School, NY

"You're one of those rare people...who combine intelligence, personal warmth, and passion, and can also relate all of that to kids...the way you talked about the books and told the stories made me imagine how great it would have been to have a teacher like you."

     --Luanne Cohen, Santa Clara University graduate student

"I was just accosted by everyone I saw all the way up to my office--they attended your presentation and LOVED it!...I can find no words to tell you how absolutely incredible your presentations were...fabulous!"

     --Heather Haskins, instructor, Clinton Community College, NY

"Your presentation...was just great!...incredible performance..."

     --Dr. Ernie Coons, Plattsburgh State University, NY

"Thanks so much for coming!  Now I want to be an author!"

     --second-grader, Cupertino Elementary School, CA

"Thank you for coming and telling us stories!  I love them so much!"

     --third-grader, Oak Street School, NY

"The kids are all still buzzing about your presentation at our school..."

     --fifth-grader, Greenacres School, CA

"You made me laugh."

     --third-grader, Bakersfield, CA

"I hate it when the stories are over..."

     --third-grader, Oak Street School, NY