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Tim Myers

Tim Myers:


      Tim was a high-school and middle-school teacher for 14 years in the U.S. and overseas, teaching English and history/social studies as well as coaching.  He's been a university lecturer for 23 years in both English and teacher education.  He spent two years teaching at CSU Bakersfield, seven at SUNY Plattsburgh (NY), and is now in his fourteenth at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, near San Jose, California, where he teaches in the English department as a senior lecturer.  He's given numerous in-services and other educational presentations. 

      His current faculty webpage is at

At university level, he's taught the following courses:

                                                                  Literature Across the Curriculum

                                                                                        Introduction to Teaching in the Secondary School

                                                                                        The Study of Teaching

                                                                                        Storytelling for Teachers

                                                                                        Writing for Teachers

                                                                                        Exploring Educational Issues through Writing

                                                                                        Writing in the Educational Community

                                                                                        Reading in the Content Areas

                                                                                        Composition and Rhetoric 1 & 2

                                                                                        Critical Thinking & Writing 1 & 2:  Rock Pop Hip-Hop

                                                                                        General Methods, Secondary Education

                                                                                        Children's Literature

                                                                                        Adolescent Culture through Literature


                                                                                        Advanced Writing: Myth, Fairy Tale, Urban Legend, Etc.:

                                                                                                 Exploring Transrealist Story

                                                                                        Language Arts/Literacy

                                                                                        Creative Writing for Children and Adolescents