All text and images copyright Tim Myers 2008

                     The Furry-Legged Teapot (2007)

                                      Illustrated by Robert McGuire

                                                        Marshall Cavendish

"...An unusual and inspiring retelling of a classic Japanese folktale...This book would make a

fine addition to elementary school and public libraries."

                       --Karen M. Smith, Young Adult Librarian, Allen Park (Michigan) Public Library

"Impetuous and distractible, Yoshi decides to play an ambitious trick, but he forgets:  If you

turn yourself into a teapot, you may have to take some heat!"

                       --Kirkus Reviews

"Myers provides source notes for his entertaining version of the 'tanuki-turned-teapot' story,

and readers will enjoy comparing it to his Tanuki's Gift..."

                       --Marianne Saccardi, Norwalk Community College, CT

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