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Tim Myers:

Available programs for school visits, etc.

Clock by first-grade Nick

Flower by first-grade Nick

   When it comes to school or other visits, I'm happy to do what I can to fit with what you're already teaching or emphasizing.  I can often, for example, try to reinforce curricular themes your students are working on, talk specifics in terms of writing and literacy, or find particular folktales to emphasize particular character traits.  And I'm happy to talk with teachers or parents (formally or informally), visit individual classrooms, etc. 

   What I usually do, though, are 30- to 50-minute sessions organized by grade level.  I generally begin with some brief, inspiring talk about writing, reading and literacy, then read one of my books aloud, then tell a story.  (I've found that storytelling is especially fun and motivating for students).  I sometimes throw in a "poem for dessert" and usually take Q&A at the end.

   Schools often set up the assemblies by combining grades (e.g. K-1, 2-4, 5-6), but single-grade assemblies are great too.

   I love being with kids, and I love being active--so I'm happy to do as many presentations, etc. as you can squeeze into my time with you!  And of course I'm happy to sign books.